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Private transfers to Ezeiza Airport ( Ministro Pistarini ) and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery .
Private transfers with / without guide.

Tourist informers

Receive Buenos Aires tourist information on arrival. Ask for a Tourist Informant babsguia , will provide all necessary information , to know the city on their own, without wasting time. Our informants will approach your accommodation , with all the material for your stay .




If you are studying our language and want to practise it in a different way, we offer you Spanish spoken guided tours around the city of Buenos Aires, specially designed for foreigners. While visiting the most representative districts of the "porteño" tourist circuit -La Boca, San Telmo, Recoleta, among others-, you will have an excellent opportunity to speak Spanish outside the classroom, in a relaxed way, which will make you feel more confident and will improve your learning. Our guides are highly trained for this purpose, ensuring the success of the tour.

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What do we offer?

Based on our vast experience, when we plan a tour for foreign spanish students, we take into account the following items:
• The vocabulary used by the Professional Guide must be appropriate for the students' level.
• The Professional Guide must be highly trained as to pass on the cultural-historical and informative content to all-level students; it is the key factor for the success of the service.
• We employ the question-answer system in order to encourage the usage of Spanish by each of the group's members.
• We suggest groups of small numbers of people to encourage students' participation in the activity as well as a closer contact among them. If the group is formed by a large number of students, the Professional Guide employs different techniques as to achieve the group integration, considering the group and its members' characteristics.
• We also suggest groups made up of students of the same level in order to avoid boredom and lack of attention. If the group is heterogeneous referring to the level of language, the guide is trained enough to achieve its integration, considering the needs and interest of each student. Active participation of advanced level students and the basic informative explanation to the beginners guarantee the success of the tour.
• The tour duration depends on the destination, students' interest and group's level. This item is agreed in advance. -In order to organize the tour, we consider both the amount of hours and the study timetable of students in the institution.
• We suggest using public transportation during the visits. In this way, students have an active contact with the city and its people. However, we can also offer private transportation, if the group prefers it.
• The guided visits are carried out half on foot and half by transportation. The objective of this combined system is that students can access to specific places during the journey and can achieve a closer contact with the architecture and history of the city.
• There is a basic content in the guided visit for all levels. We can add more historical and cultural information for the advanced students, if they wish so.
• If the institution or students want a thematic tour different from what we usually offer - for example, based on the content of any class or of any specific program - we are able to organize it.

The result of our service
We know that the guided visit not only enables students to get to know a great part of the city, but also to have a great opportunity of employing the Spanish language outside the classroom, in a relaxed way, which encourages their self-confidence in their everyday communication. In that situation, they can realize how much they know or how much they still need to learn. Another benefit of the guided visit, especially for the youngest, is the possibility of interact with other people of diverse age and from other countries, in an environment completely different from the academic one. We are absolutely interested in arranging a meeting to offer you further information about our service, in case you and your institution wish it.

Private or group lessons ( maximum 4 students )

English course for tourist guides of the city of Buenos Aires. Aimed at graduated / competent tourist guides or students in their last year of the carreer of Guide. Requirement: advanced level of oral English.

The course will help the professional to correctly manage English language in the traditional city tour, offered to foreign passengers by the receptive tourism agencies.

When hiring the services of a bilingual tourist guide, tourism agencies require language fluency, mainly in regular tours.

Course duration: two months. Amount of lessons: 8 (one weekly lesson).

Timetable group lessons: Monday from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Timetable individual lessons: to be agreed with the student.

Where do we give the course?
In our office.

Who gives the course?
It is given by an English university teacher, highly experienced.


• One student: 300 Argentine Pesos monthly.
• Two students: 150 Argentine Pesos monthly.
• Three students: 100 Argentine Pesos monthly.
• Four students: 75 Argentine Pesos monthly.
Suitable for students of tourism guide practice.