SELF - GUIDE This set of Guides will help tourists to get to know Buenos Aires in a different and independent way. With this material passengers will be able to guide their own tour. Within each Guide the visitors will be able to read all the historical and architectural information about circuit. It is specially designed for them to enjoy a pleasant visit through Buenos Aires and to know its true history. While travellers read the Guide, it will guide them to obtain more information, both in English and Spanish. With the Guide they will also acquire a guiding map to facilitate the search for historical buildings. In addition, the Guide presents artistic photographs of the mentioned places. It is worth to mention that the product’s idea and design (copyright registration under Babsguia brand) belong to Bárbara Bossi, graduated as Tourist Guide, specialized in the city of Buenos Aires, with many years of experience in the tourism industry, which grants passengers guarantee of responsibility. PDF Available: Plaza de Mayo (in English and Spanish). La Boca (in English and Spanish). Recoleta (in Spanish). Value: 20 dollars each guide. info@babsguia.com