Guided tour with local tour guide through the town of Chascomús. Some places we will visit: Lagoon, Pampeano Museum, De Los Libres del Sur Park, town square, Raúl R. Alfonsín´s House, The Italians´s Clock, walk through the historic center, and much more!! Optional: Shopping tour of regional products "Made by Hand" (handcrafts, leather, metals, etc.). After touring the cobbled streets of the town, we will have a delicious Criollo barbecue at “Estancia La Horqueta”. After lunch, we will make ... Outdoor activities! Possibility of making a beautiful walk around the eucalyptus small forest, we arrive at the edge of the lagoon from where you will be able to take a boat of paddles or a Canadian canoe to cross it, sighting birds like: ducks, “barcinos”, “overos”, “picazos”,“silbones”, “gallaretas”, flamingos, real “teros” and the black-necked swan. We can make a ride, to cross the “Pampeanas” plain, crossing corn, wheat or soy fields; or sighting some hare, “mulita” or fox. For plant lovers you can take a guided tour to discover the native flora. Another option is to go out and explore the countryside by bike. For the more sportsmen, we have a soccer pitch and volleyball court, table tennis, cricket and more. And the snack? Before leaving you can share with the owners and caretakers of the Estancia some good “mates” with ”tortas fritas”, as well as a traditional snack with coffee, tea, milk and “pastelitos de membrillo”, “pasta frola”, lemmon pie or brownies. DISCONNECT FROM THE WORLD AND MAKE YOUR BOOKING! info@babsguia.com