Jorge Mario Bergolio

Nationality: Argentinian.

Job: Pope. He has been working as a Pope since 2013.

Jorge Mario Bergolio was born in 1936. He was the oldest of 5 brothers. He was born and lived in Flores neighborhood, Buenos Aires city, in his early life.

His father came from Italy and his mother was born in Buenos Aires.

Jorge grew up with Italian and Catholic customs. He had a very close relationship with his grandparents, mainly with his grandmother “Rosa Vasallo”; who had the most influence on his life.

He went to a Salesian primary school. Then, he studied at a technical secondary school. He graduated as a chemical technician and immediately got a job in a lab; but he always felt a strong religious vocation. Jorge fell in love but did not marry for this strong religious vocation. He has never been very good at loving a woman.

He studied theology at the university between 1967 and 1970. The theologian Juan Carlos Scannone was the one who transmitted the Jesuit teachings to him. Those teachings have influenced him to this day.

He was assigned Priest in 1969, he was only 33 years old.

He was appointed Jesuit in 1973.            

He was a theology teacher between 1980 and 1986, then he was transferred to Córdoba because he was involved in the anti-military events of the 70s.

He was designated Bishop in 1992. He was Buenos Aires cathedral’s Bishop in 1998. Juan Pablo II selected him Cardinal in 2001. Finally, he was voted for Pope in 2013.

Bergolio is known for his humility and commitment to social justice.

He often reads Borges’s books and others classic authors. He really has an enormous knowledge of literature.

He has been a reformist Cardinal. This is the most important thing about being Pope today. Bergolio says: “The Catholic congregation needs people who are working together under this point”.

Bergolio is the first Pope from South America and Jesuit. Saint Francis of Assisi was who inspired him to choose his name. Jorge is always working to end poverty, with a very strong humility like Saint Francis of Assisi. His humanity is absolutely incredible. He has been fighting against pedophilia, abuse and the protection of minors since his beginnings in the Catholic Church.

Francisco has visited several continents and has placed an emphasis on visiting Latin America. He has had many meetings with important presidents. He has been studying the relationships between countries for years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he encouraged priests to visit the sick and healthcare workers.

He has been talking about the war in Ukraine and he has been travelling around the world asking for peace. He has been asking for peace for years.

I have chosen him because I admire him deeply. I do not agree with all his thoughts and ideas, but I admire his passion for love for others and his request for peace in the world. His sensitivity is very beautiful!

I consider him a successful person because he is achieving a more empathic world. With his humility he has become Pope. In my opinion, he is a very influential person in the world.

By Bárbara Bossi